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Crimes in London W6, UK
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In the past month in your district, there has been 96 burglaries, 22 robberies and 45 cases of shoplifting.

Burglary 96

Robbery 22

Shoplifting 45

Criminal damage and arson 56

Bicycle theft 30

Vehicle crime 122

Other theft 178

Other crime* 565

All crimes 1114

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(*) Anti-social behaviour, Drugs, Possession of weapons, Public order, Violence and sexual offences.
Exact places are not indicated on the map to protect victims privacy, but you can see it at street level.
Data and statistics are provided by The information and statistics displayed are for information purposes and may be subject to change.
Contains public sector information, licensed under the Open Government License v2.0.

Crime stats in: London W6, UK.
Our data is updated every month and is fetched from the UK Police.
Crime in the UK is widespread. This crime map will show you the crimes that took place in London W6, UK. Should you be living here or planning to moving here, check the data and take appropriate measures to protect yourself. You can discover crime rates in the area and across the whole UK with the map's fully interactive features.

We're connected with the official Police database, showing you the latest figures available to the public for London W6, UK. You will be able to check the number of burglaries, robberies, shopliftings, criminal damages, bicycle thefts, vehicle crimes, other thefts and other crimes in London W6, UK.
During the PAST MONTH, there have been 1114 crimes reported in London W6, UK. That's 9.54% more than the previous month. The total number of robberies, burglaries and shoplifting in your area is 163 for the past month, which is 25.38% more than the previous month.

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London W6, UK six month crime trends
Is the crime rate in London W6, UK going up or down? This chart shows the total number of burglary, robbery and shoplifting crimes reported between loading... and loading.... Over this period we've seen the following:
- Burglary loading... from loading... to loading... incidents per month - loading... of loading...%
- Robbery loading... from loading... to loading... incidents per month - loading... of loading...%
- Shoplifting loading... from loading... to loading... incidents per month - loading... of loading...%
How does it work?
Find your location
You can either type your postcode, disctrict code or city name in the search field (right side of the map), or navigate manually on the map and click on "search in this location" button to get crime statistics on the place shown on map. You can then click on a red dot to zoom in. Crimes are not show at their exact spot on map to protect privacy, but you can see it at street level.
Crime statistics
Statistics are shown for the past month and come directly from official crime database. By default the map is showing on the selected location all types of crimes, but you can select on the right side a single category, like "Burglary" or "Shoplifting". Statistics are updated every monthand you can see the freshest data available at any time.
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